EUROCASH1 pricing is tailored to customer needs. The rental price of safes depends on the size of the safes and the rental period.

We can make specific recommendations for safe sizes and payment plans based on your needs.

Rental price of safes:

Safe size 1-5 months
Price EUR/month
6-11 months
Price EUR/month
12 + months
Price EUR/month
XS 45.00 32.00 25.00
S 50.00 37.00 30.00
M 75.00 63.00 55.00
L 170.00 129.00 99.00
XL 179.00 119.00 125.00

*Note: All prices are indicated in EUR with VAT


Services related to the rental of individual safes:

Service Name Price, EUR
Fee for the loss of the safe key or damage of the key lock 180.00
The fee for not taking the content from the safe for each calendar day of delay, upon expiry of the contract.  4.00
Penalty for possession of prohibited objects in the individual safe. 500.00
Assistant Service 45.00
Transportation of values 0.1% from value amount, but not less than 60.00 EUR

Note: All prices are indicated in EUR with VAT